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Travel Tips

The International Gift of Life Walk - NYC

March 25, 2020

Getting There

How to get to Foley Square, NYC (IGLW-NYC Rally)

Travel Direction to Foley Square

1.Take the #4, 5 or 6 Subway to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Station. If you are heading south (towards Brooklyn), exit at the rear of the platform, towards the last car of the subway train. If you are heading north (towards The Bronx), exit at the front of the platform, towards the first car of the subway train. You will exit the subway station at Foley Square.


2.Take the A or C Subway, to Chambers Street Station. Walk north (with the traffic) on Church Street to Chambers Street. Make a right on Chambers Street to Foley Square.


3.Take the #1, 2 or 3 Subway to Chambers Street. Walk three blocks on Chambers Street to Foley Square.


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Nearby Attractions

Listen, NYC is just loaded with Restaurants with all kinds of flavors. If we list any here, you might miss out on others you would prefer. Just google your style restaurant and find it.



Oh my goodness! Shopping galore, from downtown Canal Street to Fifth Avenue Bergdorf Goodman near The Plaza. 



Manhattan is filled with Culture: Broadway plays, Museums: The Met, Museum of Natural History, and many more, Dance, Opera, beautiful Central Park or just enjoy any of the street performers or artists you pass on the sidewalk!

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